Your Chance to Mint A WP Mainline Wapuu Starts Tomorrow

Since writing about the Wapuu NFT experiment and interviewing the people behind the project, I’ve noticed an increased interest in the experiment and the folks behind it. First, let me confirm that the project is legit and the people behind it, Aaron Edwards, CTO of IncSub and Joshua Dailey, CMO of Infinite Uploads, are longtime WordPressers.

Earlier this week, Joshua Dailey got in touch with me and asked if I’d like to participate in the experiment by submitting a WP Mainline Wapuu. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to scrounge up $500 to sponsor the experiment but that kind of cash is tough to come by these days. That is why I’m extremely thankful to Josh for not only designing the WP Mainline Wapuu, but also for allowing it to be a special edition that can be minted.

WP Mainline Wapuu

You might be wondering if the Wapuu is in this post, then what stops you from saving the image to your device bypassing the minting NFT process? Well, the value comes in the form of being a special edition within an NFT collection but it’s mostly the provenance or proof of ownership on the blockchain.

Imagine owning a one-of-a-kind Picasso. Reproductions or fakes could be made of it and sold, and the only way it can be proven real is if a trusted expert examines and certifies it. An NFT or “Non-Fungible Token” provides proof of ownership and originality. Its “provenance” is minted into the blockchain, un-alterable and verifiable by the public for all time.

Web3 WP

The minting process for the 2,222 Wapuu collection begins tomorrow. Saturday was selected as it’s generally when the gas prices for ethereum are lowest. In order to mint a Wapuu, you’ll need a crypto wallet such as MetaMask and then transfer 0.025-0.035+ ETH depending on current gas prices. At last check, this was somewhere around $80-100. Minting multiple Wapuus at one time will also save you some cash in gas fees.

There is a 6% royalty fee attached to sales of Wapuu NFTs on secondary markets. However, half of these fees are donated to the WordPress Foundation. These donations will be made in perpetuity. So as the NFTs travel from owner to owner on the market, the WordPress Foundation and the Wapuu NFT project will continue to benefit.

For information on the project and to learn how you can mint a Wapuu, check out this tutorial they published. If you’d like to dabble in NFTs but don’t have the cash to do so, Web3 WP is giving away up to 6 Wapuu NFTs. In order to qualify for one, you’ll need to set up a crypto wallet and follow the instructions in this tweet.