Web3 WP Project to Create Collectable Wapuu NFTs to Fund Experiments, Will Donate Half of Proceeds to the WordPress Foundation

Web3 WP is a project that explores and experiments with Web3 technologies and WordPress. It’s maintained by Aaron Edwards, CTO of IncSub and Joshua Dailey, CMO of Infinite Uploads. One of the first experiments that Web3 WP is going to try is to create a Wapuu NFT collection.

If you’re not familiar with what an NFT is, don’t worry, you’re far from being the only one. NFT stands for Non-fungible token and by the way, saying fungible out loud is fun. The Verge has a pretty good article on what NFT is all about but in its simplest explanation, something that is non-fungible is unique and can not be replaced with something else. Here is how the Web3 folks explain it.

Imagine owning a one-of-a-kind Picasso. Reproductions or fakes could be made of it and sold, and the only way it can be proven real is if a trusted expert examines and certifies it. An NFT or “Non-Fungible Token” provides proof of ownership and originality. Its “provenance” is minted into the blockchain, un-alterable and verifiable by the public for all time.

Web3 WP
The wapuu NFT collection is 1,234 one-of-a-kind wapuus that are coming soon
The NFT Wapuu Collection will Consist of 1,234 Unique Designs

The collection will consist of 1,234 unique Wapuu designs. The Wapuus will be made up of various traits such as hair, hats, accessories, clothing, holding items, and colors. Some of these traits are weighted to produce rare results, therefore, creating rare designs that increase their value.

In addition to the randomly generated Wapuus, individuals or businesses have funded special edition Wapuus. Individuals or businesses that want to add a branded Wapuu to the collection can do so by purchasing a sponsorship tier. There are three tiers: $500, $2,000, and $3,000, or Wapuupreneur, Devpuu, and Bossuu, each with its own set of benefits.

Those who purchase a sponsorship tier are able to add secret unlockable content to their NFT such as a discount code. Web3 WP has a special page where NFT owners can sign a message with their wallet to the Web3 WP API to verify ownership which then unlocks the secret message. Because NFTs can be sold and traded on the open market, other folks will be able to unlock the secret message. Sponsors can either add a note that explains how many times the coupon is good for or change the secret message after a period of time which Web3 WP is willing to do if requested.

four special edition wapuu designs that will be possible to mint
These Are Some of the Special Edition Wapuus That Will Be Possible to Mint.

Web3 WP plans on opening up the minting process in 16 days or on September 18th. Minting is the process of digital art becoming a part of the Ethereum blockchain. There is a small fee that is built into the smart contract to mint Wapuu NFTs. The fee is used to cover costs associated with design and development, as well as maintenance and marketing of the project.

In order to mint a Wapuu NFT, you’ll need to create a wallet and then deposit Etherum cryptocurrency to it using a debit card. Web3 WP recommends using the MetaMask browser extension and links to a how-to video that explains how to get started. There is a 6% royalty fee attached to sales of Wapuu NFTs on secondary markets. However, half of these fees are donated to the WordPress Foundation. Web3 WP says these donations will be made in perpetuity. So as the NFTs travel from owner to owner on the market, the WordPress Foundation and the Wapuu NFT project will continue to benefit.

I highly recommend that those interested in investing and participating in this experiment read through the website’s Frequently Asked Questions section located near the bottom of the site as it addresses quite a few subjects. If you have any additional questions or concerns, you can reach out to them via their contact form. Something worth noting is that this project will not be the first to put Wapuu into an NFT. As far as I know, Brad Williams was the first one to put Wapuu onto the NFT scene. If I’m wrong, please feel free to correct me.

One last thing. Aaron Edwards and Joshua Dailey are scheduled to be on the WP Mainline podcast on September 16th, two days before the minting process is scheduled to begin. On that show, we’ll learn more about the project, what NFTs are, what Etherum is, and what all is involved with this experiment.

I only have a cursory knowledge of NFTs and cryptocurrency but this experiment may lead to a deeper investigation into what it’s all about. I’ve seen so much awesome artwork being produced on Twitter as NFTs and the thought of being the owner of some unique Wapuu designs which are essentially digital trading cards intrigues me. If I had a spare $500 laying around, I would absolutely purchase a sponsorship tier and submit a WP Mainline or train-themed Wapuu design. If you’re not already involved, will this experiment get you to participate in the NFT scene?

Updated 9/3/2021

Web3 WP has changed the Minting date to September 25th and has increased the total number of Wapuus to 2,222. There was a concern that NFT whales could swoop in and obtain all of the available Wapuus without giving the general public a chance to mint one.

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