Featured on the Convesio Blog

If you feel inclined, please check out my interview on the Convesio blog to learn more about me and WP Mainline. In the interview, I describe how I started with WordPress, some of the plugins powering the site, my plans for WP Mainline, and share a bit of good advice at the end. Convesio is the company that has graciously provided hosting services for WP Mainline.

1 thought on “Featured on the Convesio Blog”

  1. “It could turn out to be a toy box filled with wooden blocks.”

    Hah, it may be. 😉

    I think WordPress should’ve been a total rewrite at 5.0 and maintained as a separate app. Layering Gutenberg onto a really old school procedural PHP “blog” codebase is just awkward. The ecosystem would’ve caught up pretty fast. But I doubt that would’ve been convenient for the hosting provider known as WordPress.com.

    I suppose all the soggy old stuff will just sit there unseen and little used after ten years. Backwards compatibility seems less important with Gutenberg on the scene so maybe a lot of it could be nixed by then. PHP could deprecate some of it away. It’s not like people should be using a 10 year old theme anyway.

    Anyway, not worried as Matt always finds a way to direct WordPress into the future. 20 years! 🙂

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