The WP Mainline Wapuu Has Been Minted but Not by Me

This past weekend, the minting process for Wapuu NFTs was opened to the general public. Here is what a few of the Wapuu’s look like that have been randomly generated as part of the 2,222 piece collection.

I tried to participate in the experiment but ran into a number of issues when attempting to purchase ETH through MetaMask. My bank flagged my charges as fraudulent which froze my account. After contacting my bank the next day, I tried to purchase ETH again through Wyre and it still didn’t work. Folks have recommended that I use Coinbase to get around these issues which is something I’ll look into.

I didn’t come out of the weekend empty-handed. A generous minter transferred a Wapuu NFT to my account. I kind of dig it. I wear grey clothing so the hat is on par with my style. The red shoes help it to stand out.

My First NFT

I thought it was interesting that many of the Wapuus that were generated had traits that matched up with their owners. Unfortunately, I was not able to mint the WP Mainline special edition Wapuu but I’m happy to report that someone else has. I’m hopeful that if the owner decides to sell it in the future, I’ll be able to pick it up.

There’s still plenty of Wapuus available to mint, including a few special edition ones. Also, consider joining the Web3 WP Discord server to be part of their budding community and interact with other folks in real-time. Did you mint any Wapuus this weekend? If so, send me a link in the comments.