HeroPress Network Officially Launches Find It WP

Every couple of years, there are sites created in the WordPress community aimed at making it easier to find and discover resources. We’re currently in the midst of one of these time periods with the launch of Find It WP. Find It WP is aptly named as it’s a website filled with WordPress podcasts, news sites, newsletters, and more all powered by FacetWP and SearchWP.

It’s important to note that Find It WP is a community resource that is free to use and be listed on. “There are no fees associated with it. The size of your marketing budget or number of employees is irrelevant here. This is a place for equitable visibility. Another ‘stage’ from the HeroPress Network that anyone can step on to and be seen. And the community as a whole is richer for it.”

Once a user registers to the site which can be done by submitting a resource, they’ll be able change the information related to the resources they’ve submitted allowing them to keep them up to date. This is a smart move on the part of Cate and Topher DeRosia, the site’s founders. If a user submits something that’s not covered by the current set of categories, they’ll be able to suggest a new category and language.

I noticed when searching for WP Mainline that you have to be specific. The site listed 0 results for wpmainline but I was able to find two results for wp mainline. Technically, wp mainline is the correct spelling but I figured wpmainline would be close enough. However, I can see how being specific would benefit a site filled with hundreds or thousands of resources.

Find it WP search results for WP Mainline
Find It WP Search Results for WP Mainline

If you run a news site, newsletter, plugin, theme, service, or other WordPress resource, you owe it to yourself to submit it to Find It WP. In the WordPress ecosystem, visibility is tough and the larger themes and plugin shops soak up all of the attention. Hopefully, Find It WP can become another destination where folks can go to discover things that are unseen and unknown.

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  1. Based on your point about searching for wpmainline, I added the URL field to the search fields, so now you can search for wpmainline and find your sites. 🙂

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