A Brief Look at Steam Engine 765 This Year

The Steam in The Valley event has come and gone for 2021 and I was not able to get as many videos or pictures as I’d like since anxiety kept me home. However, the other weekend, after some friends took us out to dinner, we were lucky enough that the restaurant was a few minutes away from the pickup point for the last ride.

Steam engine 765 in front of a large crowd of people
Steam engine 765 in front of a large crowd of people

This engine is a magnificent machine. If you’ve never had a chance to experience a working steam locomotive, you’re missing out! The front wheels are taller than me! I was able to grab a short video clip as the engines moved forward to begin the boarding process.

Steam Engine 765 Pulling Forward to Begin the Boarding Process

I hope that by this time next year, my anxiety is under more control and it doesn’t stop me from doing so many of the things I enjoy such as watching and listening to this piece of machinery roll by.

4 thoughts on “A Brief Look at Steam Engine 765 This Year”

  1. Every year the Buckley Old Engine show happens in Buckley Michigan. I won’t put the URL in so your spam filter will let this through, but google it. They have an original steam train you can ride, and a zillion other cool old engines. We used to go every year, I’ll bet we’d go again if some friends from Ohio came to visit.

  2. I’ve never actually even seen a video with sound of a real steam engine operating. That’s awesome! Someday I’d like to take my family on one of those trains that go through the mountains in Colorado.

    • Yeah. I’m hoping someday, I can go down to Bryson, TN and ride the Great Smoky Mountain National Railroad. There’s also a great steam engine ride in Cass, WV. As a kid, one of the pieces of burnt coal got into my eye and so I was crying most of the trip up the mountain lol.

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