The One Feature That Got Me to Start Using WordPress

Marcel Bootsman asked a question on Twitter that takes me back to the day I chose WordPress. He asks, “Why did you start to use WordPress?”

Back in the day, I was a faithful user of Mambo and then Joomla. At one point, I decided to create a website to review all of the services and tools that were being released during the Web 2.0 era and I wanted people to be able to comment on the reviews. Unfortunately, Joomla didn’t have the ability to comment as a native feature which is what led me to WordPress.

However, after using and trying to manipulate WordPress the first time around, I ditched it and went back to Joomla. But I really wanted to have the ability for people to comment on my site, so I gave WordPress a second look. That’s when I became hooked and never looked back.

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So what got you to start using WordPress? Was it one thing or multiple?

4 thoughts on “The One Feature That Got Me to Start Using WordPress”

  1. For me it was two things. Before WP I had been building sites by hand, and making rudimentary content management systems, and often even using phpMyAdmin as the CMS.

    When 3.0 came out and custom post types became a thing I was IMMEDIATELY sold. The added benefit of a user management system and content management admin area were frosting.

    • Ahh, you’re part of the Custom Post Types group. I remember when CTP were rolled out to WordPress and how hyped so many developers were for it. Many of them considered it a game-changer. Meanwhile, it took me about 2 years before I finally understood what Custom Post Types were.

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