A Big Orange Heart Is Looking for Artists and Writers

A Big Orange Heart Foundation is currently seeking artists and writers for a new project aimed at creating a meditation and coloring book. In an article published in 2020, the Cleveland Clinic listed three ways in which adult coloring can relax your brain. I have seen in person the various calming effects coloring can have on a person dealing with anxiety.

Although I don’t color, I use word searches to accomplish the same thing. For me, being able to take my mind off of my body and of the moment and concentrate on something else generally allows my body to return to a normal state of being without me realizing it.

If you’re interested in contributing to the project, here is how you can help.

  • You can donate a line drawing or two or more that can be printed in the coloring book.
  • Create a meditation or write a meditative/relaxing essay that they can include in between coloring pictures to contribute to one of the following themes: peace, relaxation, serenity, and calm.
  • Buy copies for your teammates, coworkers, other community members, family and friends.
  • Share the link to purchase, once it’s available.

Artwork needs to be able to fit in an 8.5 x 11″ book. Meditations or essays should be 300 words or less. The deadline for final submissions is September 15, 2021. By the way, this would be a great opportunity for someone to take a few Wapuus and use them as outlines to color. Although the book will not be tied to WordPress, coloring in a Wapuu seems like it would be a relaxing thing to do.