Green Signal – Clear To Proceed With Subscriptions

a green railroad signal over a red signal near a beach
This photo was taken by Christopher Sardegna

I’ve waited long enough. While not 100% complete, I’ve opened up subscriptions on WP Mainline. This is a way for people to financially support the site and the work I’m doing. This way, I don’t have to continuously ask for donations and come up with ingenious campaigns, though I can still do those with subscriptions.

Typically, when a person purchases a subscription, they’re expecting or knowingly getting something extra in return. At the moment, subscribing to this site does not mean you get access to secret content or anything special, at least not yet. It’s simply a means to provide financial support so that I can do what I do best, and that is publish written and audio content about WordPress.

At the moment, I write about WordPress here and talk about it on a weekly basis via the WP Mainline podcast. I am going to produce another podcast called The Junction which will feature one-on-one interviews and general conversations with people in the WordPress ecosystem. The funds will allow me to pay the bills, be employed, and continue to provide value to the WordPress community. Most importantly, it will remove some stress and financial burdens from my wife.

Throughout the rest of this year and into the next, I plan on adding additional features to build on top of the subscription levels. I don’t necessarily want to lock any content behind a paywall if I can help it. I also want to design something on the site that businesses can take advantage of to provide additional value to them.

So, think of this as version one of WP Mainline. If you enjoy my work and have the means, please subscribe to the site. The first 25 people who subscribe as a Rail Buff using the coupon code choochoo will be able to subscribe at $100 for the first year instead of $149. The only difference between a Railfan and a Rail Buff at the moment is the cost.

To those who subscribe, are cheering me on, offering help and advice when needed, and providing positive vibes, my wife and I sincerely thank you.

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7 thoughts on “Green Signal – Clear To Proceed With Subscriptions”

  1. I’m sure it’s a bit weird opening up subscriptions right as you’re getting started. But also you’re a great guy, and I know it just means you’re serious about this.
    I hope the community shows their support, because I’m super excited about the future of the Mainline 🚂 chooo chooo! 🚂

  2. I stopped by to see if there was anything new and YES! This is exciting, Jeff. May as well gather support now and layer on whatever makes sense as you go.

    I’m looking forward to some real independent WP news coming down the line. 🙂

    PS. Cool pic up there. It looks like Del Mar north of San Diego but not sure. There’s a sidewalk leading down to the beach that the tracks run right over and it’s pretty easy to get killed. Pull up 1584 Coast Blvd, Del Mar, CA on Google Maps and hit street view.

    • Welcome aboard and thank you for subscribing! I have no idea where the picture was taken. The goal was to find an image of tracks with a green signal lit lol. It was more difficult than I thought to find that kind of picture.

  3. Hi Jeff, may I suggest adding the ability to make a free donation for freebo users? I can’t pay for railfan or railbuff memberships right now but would be happy to participate with a micro-donation.
    Regards, Jason

    • Hi Jason, thank you for subscribing! I’ve added a Donation form here Donations that you can use to set a custom amount from $5.00 up to whatever. Thank you for your contribution!

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