Recently Registered – A Plugin for Sorting Users by Registration Date

When I’m notified of new user registrations to the site, I can typically tell right away if it’s a spam account. However, when I browse the Users page in WordPress, it’s difficult to find new registrations unless I search for their names.

After performing a Google search, I came across an article published by a former colleague that recommended the Recently Registered plugin by Mika Epstein. The plugin has been updated within the last 12 months so I gave it a try.

Sort by Registration Date in The Screen Options and User List

It turns out that the plugin works as advertised. Simply install, activate, click the Screen Options tab and make sure the Registration box is checked. This adds a Registered column where you can sort users by newer or older registration dates.

This is one of those features that makes me scratch my head because it’s not core functionality. But I’m sure many people do the same thing with other features that are missing from WordPress.

This plugin is exactly what I needed and since Sarah Gooding suggested it in 2013, I’m going to repeat it in 2021. Let’s see this added to core.