Linkify Brings One of WordPress’ Best Features to Firefox and Chrome

If you’ve used WordPress for any length of time, you’re probably familiar with the ability to quickly link text to a URL within the post editor.

It’s one of WordPress’ best features and thanks to two browser extensions developed by Gary Pendergast, you can take this feature on the go.

The project is called Linkify and is available as a browser extension for Chrome or Firefox. Once installed, there is nothing to configure. Simply copy a URL, highlight the text you want to link, and use the Paste command. Essentially, what you’re seeing is how the linking feature works in WordPress but in code form.

Linkify in Action in Firefox

Linkify doesn’t work on all websites and all text areas such as Twitter but in comment forms and forums, it works just fine. Linkify supports HTML, Markdown, BBcode, Remarkup, and Trac-style links. If you’d like to have a new link style or site exception added to the project, you can do so by requesting it on GitHub. I’ve got it installed in Firefox and can’t wait to start quick-linking all over the place.