Chris Lema on Five Months of Using Gutenberg for Everything

Chris Lema has published his thoughts on what it has been like to embrace Gutenberg for the past five months. Instead of using Gutenberg for just writing content, he ended up using it to redesign his site, including numerous pages. He describes the benefits of using one tool to create pages and posts, reducing the site’s DOM size thereby increasing the site’s loading speed, and getting by with a handful of blocks.

Near the end of the post, Lema made a statement that stuck out to me. “Embracing Gutenberg has put me right back in a learner’s position – figuring out things and then writing about them. And it’s helped me fall in love, all over again, with blogging and WordPress.”

I feel like I’m in a similar position, especially since I’ve been out of the WordPress scene for about two years. However, there is a lot to learn when it comes to the block editor and it’s pretty nice to have something fresh to sink my teeth into.

Although my experience with Gutenberg from a writing perspective has been pretty good, there is one particular difference I’ve noticed between writing in the block editor and the classic editor.

In the block editor, if you encounter an error with a block, you immediately stop writing and go into troubleshooting mode. If you’re in a groove and the editor suddenly stops working, who knows if your mojo will still be around once it’s fixed. At least in the classic editor, you could pretty much write an entire post and then worry about what’s broken.

Overall, the block editor has been a pleasant experience but it seems like it’s always an error away from derailing a post. What has your experience been like?