Please Help Me to Get My Vehicle Back

It was 1AM on a Sunday night when I heard Smoky barking at something and noticed the garage light was turned on. When I walked into the living room and looked out the window, I could see a tow truck driving down the road with a police car behind it. I immediately knew what had happened.

I’m about four months late on car payments and Ford repossessed their vehicle, at least temporarily. I owe about $2,000 in car payments, but I was hoping I would get paid in time with my contract gig to put a dent in those payments. I’m currently in the waiting period for my first invoice to be paid and unfortunately, it didn’t happen soon enough. So now, we’re without a vehicle.

Thankfully, my wife’s employment is not very far and she can get a ride from her boss during the week. But being without a vehicle is not something we can do for very long. If you have the means during these difficult times, I would really appreciate any financial help you can provide to help us get our vehicle back. I also apologize for sounding like a broken record asking for your financial help over the last few months.

I never would have thought that I’d be in a position in life where a vehicle gets towed out of my driveway because of failed payments. On top of that, I’m late on making mortgage payments as well, and hoping that the bank does not serve me a Foreclosure notice before I get paid. This is rough stuff folks and I highly recommend not putting yourself or your family through these situations if you can help it. It makes you feel like a crappy person and provider for the family. Here’s hoping for better days ahead!