Random Thoughts on Learning Blocks and Full-Site Editing

I was thinking earlier today that in the era of full-site editing and blocks, I’ve come to heavily appreciate and rely on the various virtual meetups and webinars that showcase what’s possible with both. As WordPress continues down a path that heads towards no-code solutions, visual learning has been key for me in understanding concepts. Way more than it ever has before.

A lot of WordPress learning used to take place with code snippets and tutorials but in a no-code situation, that doesn’t seem ideal. At the same time, the Learn WordPress site is chock full of workshops and tutorials dedicated to blocks and full-site editing that are filled with text and images.

In this vein, I’ve been wondering how this new era of editing and creating themes in addition to blocks has been for people who are visually impaired. I’m not hip to all of the accessibility features in WordPress, but I imagine it has been rather difficult. How important has visual learning been for you in order to grasp full-site editing and blocks?