Submitted My First Photo to the WordPress CC-0 Photo Directory

During the State of the Word this week, Matt Mullenweg mentioned a new project housed under called Photos. The directory contains photographs submitted by users that are CC-0 licensed. This license essentially allows submitters to place their images in the public domain. While not exactly the same, think of CC-0 as the GPL but for content and media.

Photos is a separate project from Openverse but there are plans to one day allow Openverse to search for CC-0 licensed images from the directory. Matt also describes a future where the Photos directory will be built-into WordPress alongside the media library.

Today, I submitted my first photograph to the site. It’s a photo of fall colors alongside the Cuyahoga river from a few years ago.

Fall Colors Alongside the Cuyahoga River
Fall Colors Alongside the Cuyahoga River

I discovered that only one photo can be submitted at a time as to not overwhelm the moderation team. I also noticed the following guideline.

Must not be predominantly another piece of art. Submissions must not consist solely of the artwork of others (such as paintings, drawings, graffiti). Please respect the rights of other artists.

This bums me out because it means I can not submit photos of train cars that have graffiti on them. It’s a shame since some of that artwork are masterpieces. Then again, I completely understand why it’s not allowed. The photos directory is not officially launched yet but if you have a account, you can already submit photos.

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