Bob Dunn Travels to the State of the Word Via Choo Choo

Bob Dunn, founder of Do the Woo, is embarking on an eight-day, 6,500 mile, cross-country journey to New York City to attend the State of the Word on December 14th. He’s doing so via rail through Amtrak. You can read about what he has planned via this blog post. You can also keep track of his journey by searching for the hashtag #WooTrainClan on Twitter. A fantastic hashtag by the way. He’ll be doing shoutouts, publishing podcasts, interviews, and hosting a dinner in Chicago, IL during his layover.

Am I jealous? You bet I am. At the same time, I don’t feel I’m at the point of being able to manage my anxiety to attempt a trip like this. Also, as Bob has found out, traveling the US by train is insanely expensive. Luckily for him though, he’s got some awesome sponsors. He’ll be traveling right past the spot where I watch trains go by but it will be between 2-5 AM and I don’t know if I want to see a 2-5 AM version of Bob Dunn. I’m only kidding Bob 🙂