This Week Is the Best Time to Purchase A Custom Boxcar Design

With Black Friday coming up and everyone getting in the mood with sales, I figured I’d start a little early. It’s no secret that I and many others love the boxcar designs on WP Mainline. I doubt you can find a more unique display advertising opportunity in the WordPress space. However, I want to see more of these boxcars created, and in order to encourage that, I’m having a sale.

If you use the coupon code boxcar during checkout, it will reduce the price from $500 to $350. This coupon code will expire Saturday, November 6th. Below is a sample of what you can expect. This is the new Do_the Woo boxcar created for Bob Dunn that features his completely new branding.

Do_the Woo Boxcar
Do_the Woo

The boxcar banner will match the look and branding of your company or product. You get to keep the design if you choose. Think of it like Wapuus but in boxcar format. This banner will display randomly across WP Mainline for 60 days with a link back to a URL of your choosing and that I approve. The design will also be added to the boxcar gallery page. The design requires a Vector version of your logo and if available, please provide a link to your site’s brand colors. The expected turnaround time for a design is about one week.

So if you’ve been on the fence and have been wanting a cool way to showcase something you have to offer to the WordPress community, this week is the best time to pull the trigger.