Torque Is Hosting A Contribute 2 WP Challenge

Torque is hosting a WordPress Contributor challenge that begins at 8 am PDT on October 29th to 8 am PDT on October 31st. Torque is asking for anyone and everyone to contribute at least two hours of their time to give back to the WordPress project. WordPress Core and Learn WordPress are two of the main focuses but people are encouraged to contribute wherever they’re able.

At 11:30 AM on October 29th, Torque will begin a live stream featuring DocPop and Brian Gardner. Throughout the day, there will be other live streams, music, interviews, and contests related to contributing.

Hopefully, this event generates a bump in contributions to areas of WordPress that may not have received much attention in the last year and a half. The Learn WordPress project could especially use some more contributors. Will you be participating in the event?