Some Things I’ve Learned While Trying to Get Along With the Post Editor

Today, I spent the better part of an hour inside of a fresh install of WordPress to figure out how to accomplish things I’m routinely having trouble with when writing. I needed to figure out if it’s me or the post editor that is causing so much grief.

One of the most consistent issues I run into is copying multiple paragraphs from a post and trying to paste them into a Quote block. If I create a Quote block and paste three paragraphs of text inside of it, the block is converted into a Paragraph block with two other paragraph blocks created. This is frustrating. The workaround I’ve discovered is to select all three paragraph blocks by holding the Shift key as I click on them and then click the Block Transform tool and transform all of the paragraph blocks into one quote block.

Using the Shift key to select multiple blocks is a nice shortcut to know since I’ve experienced problems trying to select multiple paragraph blocks in the past using my mouse cursor. For some reason, the cursor is not able to go from one paragraph block to another.

Another issue I’ve had trouble with is selecting all of the text within a post. I usually get stuck within a block. I’ve noticed that if I click the blank area above the Title and see the toolbar go away, I can then press Control-A to select the text in every block.

This post is mostly a reminder to future me of how to accomplish certain tasks in the editor. If I’m going to stick to using WordPress to write content, I need to figure this stuff out.