HeroPress Launches WP Podcasts on International Podcast Day

On this 30th day of September, it is International Podcast Day and the folks over at HeroPress are celebrating it in style by launching WP Podcasts. WP Podcasts is part of the HeroPress network and is essentially a directory of active podcasts related to WordPress. You can search for your favorite show or access it via tags or by viewing a list of podcasts in the sidebar.

WP Podcasts All Episodes List With Other Shows in the Sidebar
WP Podcasts All Episodes List With Other Shows in the Sidebar

My favorite way to browse shows is the All Podcasts page. This arranges shows from newest to oldest with an excerpt from their show notes post. The listen to episode link takes users directly to that episode’s show notes post where you can subscribe, download, and listen to the show. So far, the site has over 3,000 podcast episodes listed. If you produce a WordPress podcast and want it added to the site, you’ll need to fill out this form.

Topher DeRosia says additional features such as a stats page full of data are in the works. WP Podcasts will be a great way to measure the pulse and activity level of all of the different podcasts that are available.

I confess that since leaving my third shift job at the grocery store a number of years ago, I have not listened to much in the way of podcasts. However, if I can find some Apple AirPods for sale, I’d definitely consider listening to more podcasts as I go outside and walk. By the way, if you know where I can get a pair of AirPods for a decent price, let me know. I might have to wait until Black Friday to catch a deal.

Congrats to Topher and Cate DeRosia on the launch of WP Podcasts and from what I hear, it’s just the beginning of the HeroPress network expansion.