Save Time When Recording In-Browser Demonstrations With the Site Demo Creator Plugin

Have you ever recorded a video in your browser but didn’t want to spend time cleaning up browser tabs or anything else you don’t want people to see in the browser window? Site Demo Creator, created by Corey Maass at Gelform, creates a browser and mobile mockup of a site. Once installed and activated, you can choose between Mobile or Browser mockups. Here is what they look like on my test site.

Site Demo Creator Browser Mockup
Site Demo Creator Browser Mockup

As you can see, the browser mockup is clean and the only thing that’s front and center is the content or whatever it is you’re demoing. The same can be said for the mobile mockup. Since the video recording will most likely be focused on the mockup window, I think it would be more convenient to have the plugin-specific links visible at all times instead of only when I hover over the space where they’re located.

Overall, it’s a simple plugin that accomplishes a specific purpose fairly well. The next time you want to demo a WordPress plugin’s features, consider using Site Demo Creator to record within a clean interface.

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