Why Can’t I Transform Two Paragraph Blocks and an Ordered List Block Into A Quote Block?

Sometimes, I run into a problem in the block editor that makes me scratch my head because I’m not sure why something so simple doesn’t work. In this latest example, I have two paragraph blocks with an ordered list block of text in the middle that I copy and pasted from another site into the editor. What I want to accomplish is to transform or combine all three of those blocks into a quote block but for whatever reason, the block editor doesn’t provide that option.

There is no option to convert certain groups of blocks into other blocks in the block editor
No Option To Transform These Three Blocks Into a Quote Block

Perhaps I’m not using the transform tool correctly although it seems to be the obvious thing to select in order to change a group of blocks into something else. If I start with a quote block and paste the text into it, the quote block turns into two paragraph blocks and an ordered list block.

In order to get around these limitations, I start with a quote block, paste the text from the paragraph blocks, then manually type in an ordered list between them. This doesn’t make any sense. For comparison’s sake, I copied the text and pasted it onto a site that’s using the Classic Editor. All I had to do was select all of the text, click the quote button and everything was placed into a quote. Easy enough and no friction is placed on the writing process.

the classic editor makes turning paragraphs and ordered lists into quotes much easier
The Same Process in the Classic Editor But It Actually Works

Despite being a number of years into the process, the block editor still has certain instances where use cases need to be addressed that are either on par with or surpass the experience in the Classic Editor. This is one of those cases. While I want to know why this particular use of blocks does not work, I’d rather just write and not worry about it.

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