Turning WP Mainline Into A Business – Chapter 1

I am exhausted. I spent so many hours trying to get a custom role with the right capabilities correct in bbPress and then set up Paid Membership Pro to assign that role to new subscribers. I feel like I’m using so many different plugins to accomplish what I thought would be a simple task. It has proven to be a tough challenge. I’m hopeful that I’m making this more complicated than it is as this is my first time building and managing a subscription-based site.

And while I’m building it and running into trouble, I wonder if I’m building something for no one. I mean, I need to generate revenue to take some financial stress away from my wife but does anyone have time for forums anymore? Granted, forums are just part of the deal. Also, a handful of people are cheering me on so there’s that.

So far, I plan on having exclusive content on the site, a subscriber-only section of the forums, and the podcast as the beginning of the subscribers-only perks. Over time, I plan to add value with additional features and content. The bottom line is that there is not much to pay for at the moment but each subscription is an investment in me. I just need to get the site to the point where folks can start making those investments.