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    I kind of find it little difficult to get to the forum and see all new topics and stuff. Also when I was here for the first time, it took me a bit to realize I have to click on “Community” in the menu, to actually see the forum. Just my two cents. Maybe there is a way to make it more “straight forward”. Maybe a side panel with Categories would be nice.

    Steven Gliebe

    My experience was similar. I was looking for a “Forum” link. When I saw “Community”, I hovered but didn’t find “Forum” in the dropdown. It took a couple moments to realize I needed to click on the top-level “Community” link to get to the forum. “Community” is a very broad term.


    The Community menu item also doesn’t have a direct link to forums. That means I have to type in the url if I’m on a page without community breadcrumbs. I think I can fix that with conditional is_user_logged_in() in a template. If I wanted to fix it how would we go about it Github repo maybe?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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