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    Stephen Cronin

    We sold out of toilet paper here in Australia a couple of weeks ago. Haven’t seen any in the shops since! Lucky we have enough to last a few weeks.

    Things are becoming real here now. They are cancelling events and there are more and more cases in the news (still behind many countries though). Our government hasn’t really been taking it that serious so far – our Prime Minister told everyone today that gatherings with more than 500 people should be cancelled from Monday, then said “But yeah, I’m going to the football tonight!”. He ended up changing his mind when a couple of hours later one of the Ministers in his government tested positive…

    I’ll probably keep my kids home from school next week – they haven’t closed schools here yet, which seems a little crazy as I can’t keep count of the number of illnesses my kids have brought home over the years. I guess I’m lucky that I work from home, so can be here to look after them. Might mean less work is done, but can probably catchup at night time. It’ll really just be like school holidays again.

    As far as work goes, Envato is totally work from home from Monday. No change for me as I’m remote already, but about half the company works out of HQ in Melbourne. Most of them work from home a day or two a week, but it will be new for some of them.

    Anyway, we’re basically just gonna stay at home most of the time, only go out when we really need to, and see what happens.

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    Stephen Cronin

    Welcome to the forum Stephen. You mentioned in your post that you’ve been “Fighting fires” and I was wondering if you meant that literally considering what was going on there a few months ago. I remember that beer I drank with you at WC San Francisco in front of that Burger joint like it was yesterday. It’s pretty cool to have an OG WordPress users an Tavern support here on WP Mainline :). If I can figure out how to add badges to user profiles, I’m going to add an OG one.

    Hey Jeff! So glad you got this going. I know you wanted to get the forums going again for so long!

    Nah, not real fire fighting, though perhaps I should have been, it was pretty bad. Just firefighting things like broken products, vulnerabilities, unhappy authors and any other sort of problems that come up. Not as cool as real firefighting!

    Yeah I remember that night in San Fran, it was great! And I reckon we had a beer in that place over the road from the Pressnomics venue too. Been a while since then though, need to find another opportunity. Could be a while in the current circumstances though… ?

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    Stephen Cronin

    Just to be clear, it’s the WP project that won’t let me speak or organise at WordCamps. I sort of get the logic: Someone sees me talk at a WordCamp and wonders who is this good looking intelligent guy (joke!) and googles me, then wonders who is this Envato, then ends up on ThemeForest and buys a theme that’s not 100% GPL…

    But it’s pretty heavy handed, especially since all my WP stuff is 100% GPL. I think I should be judged on my stuff stuff, not my employer, but the WP Project doesn’t agree. I used to be a little bitter about it, but long past that stage now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Yeah, WordPress is only one part of what Envato does (albeit one that does pretty well). We sell themes/plugins for other CMSs, we sell stock images, video, audio etc etc. Envato is pretty active in the Ruby ecosystem (ThemeForest etc all run on Ruby) and we used to be more active in the WP space, but had to drop some sponsorships because of the GPL issue. And it used to be a little more adhoc – I could go to our CEO and say “there’s something over here that would be cool to sponsor” and he’d go “Sweet, let’s do it!” whereas as now things are more formal. But yeah, I’d rather see us more active in things. GoDaddy have really jumped in and decided they are going to shape things as much as they can.

    The tax law thing is interesting. I think a lot of companies in our industry are small enough that they can get away with doing things that aren’t quite right, but when you get to a certain size you can’t really do that anymore. Eg: when you have people in other countries and you don’t have a legal entity there, you probably employ them as contractors rather than staff. But if they are contractors then they can’t do certain things and you can’t give them training or certain other benefits, because then you’re treating them as employees, and various tax jurisdictions around the world are going to start saying “hang on”… And it gets very messy for both the company and the ‘staff’. I don’t know all the ins and outs of it personally, so may have some of that wrong, but there is some sort of pretty serious issue along those lines.

    Yeah, Office Space is a great move. Haven’t seen it for a long time though, must be re-watch time!! ?

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    Stephen Cronin

    Thanks Malcolm,

    Envato is a pretty great place to work, they are very understanding, progressive and supportive employer that looks after their employees, gives to charities, supports diversity etc. The main downside is that the WP Project won’t allow me to speak at or organise WordCamps… ?

    Oh and also Envato is at the size now (600ish) that it has a lot of the challenges facing companies of that size: lots of different teams, a bit of bureaucracy creeping in etc. So that can be frustrating at times.

    What do I do? Using today as an eg: working on the requirements for a new category we’re launching soon, providing input into a couple of policy related projects, attending a post incident review of a vulnerability in a theme, etc. Oh and trying to keep up with reading about what’s happening with block based themes etc. So it’s a variety of things. Pretty hard to explain it to people though.

    We have people all over the world, but in recent years the majority of new roles have been in Melbourne. I think there are some tax law complications that makes it easier to employee people here for some reason.

    BTW I just went and read up on your name change – good on you for going ahead and making the change! That’s a brave move, so well done!

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