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    My business partner and I are thinking about also expanding our service offerings into remote work consulting for businesses trying to understand not only what tools to select, but how to help their staff make the transition successfully. I have over twelve years of experience in various organizations as a remote worker and about eight years of experience in office. And my co-founder has almost twenty-five years of experience as a remote worker. Beyond that, I love teaching/training, so I feel like it would be a good opportunity, though it feels like directly trading time for money which is my least favourite thing to do as it feels hard to get the kind of value out of it that I’m looking for as I’m not the guy that wrote the book on it… you know?

    Does it feel like too many people are trying to capitalize on the whole covid-19 outbreak? Have you seen any big brands trying to pivot/take advantage of this situation? Do you feel like there are businesses out there that are struggling to try to make this transition?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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