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    I needed a reason to create a Generalized forum and this is as good as any. Actually, it’s nice to have a place to share and discuss things not specifically WordPress related.

    With the cancellation of WordCamps, most sporting events, school, and travel bans and an increase of remote working opportunities, how are you folks dealing with the pandemic?

    We went to Sams Club today and all of the toilet paper, paper towels, and bottled water were gone. A scene that played out at other stores in the area. I get that people want to be prepared but wow, I was not expecting to see toilet paper and paper towels disappear so quickly.

    My wife works at a grocery store which is more like a petri dish so I’m hoping she doesn’t get it. But we decided at the first signs of feeling ill, we would go to the local hospital to possibly get tested. Other than that, we’re limiting our travel and spending a lot of time at home which Smoky doesn’t mind.

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    I live in Ireland – the government announced the closure of all schools, universities, and cultural institutions (libraries, museums etc).

    Mobile phone networks went down briefly after the announcement.

    Panic buying at grocery stores lead to short-term shortages of items like toilet paper, diapers, bread, pasta, and noodles.

    I’m privileged enough to work from home, I’ll be fine. My main concern would be for my grandparents living in a care home.

    The issue facing a lot of my peer group is how they’re going look after their kids while schools are closed, but they’re still required to go to work – and creches and childcare facilities are closed too.

    Steven Gliebe

    We’re being extra vigilant with hand washing when going in and out of our home, car, stores, etc. Fortunately our household doesn’t work or go to school outside our home so we don’t have to go out for much. Thinking of stocking up a two week food supply.

    Hand sanitizer has been sold out everywhere around here for a while. I imagine it’s the same everywhere. Even the ingredients to make your own are sold out on Amazon. I’m a little worried about what we’ll find next time we go shopping for toilet paper. 😉

    No handshakes at church, just fits bumps (and elbow bumps) – like with the swine flu (H1N1) a few years back. That killed 12,000 people in the US and 500,000 worldwide. I read that 10% – 20% of the world was probably infected. That puts things into perspective.

    Stephen Cronin

    We sold out of toilet paper here in Australia a couple of weeks ago. Haven’t seen any in the shops since! Lucky we have enough to last a few weeks.

    Things are becoming real here now. They are cancelling events and there are more and more cases in the news (still behind many countries though). Our government hasn’t really been taking it that serious so far – our Prime Minister told everyone today that gatherings with more than 500 people should be cancelled from Monday, then said “But yeah, I’m going to the football tonight!”. He ended up changing his mind when a couple of hours later one of the Ministers in his government tested positive…

    I’ll probably keep my kids home from school next week – they haven’t closed schools here yet, which seems a little crazy as I can’t keep count of the number of illnesses my kids have brought home over the years. I guess I’m lucky that I work from home, so can be here to look after them. Might mean less work is done, but can probably catchup at night time. It’ll really just be like school holidays again.

    As far as work goes, Envato is totally work from home from Monday. No change for me as I’m remote already, but about half the company works out of HQ in Melbourne. Most of them work from home a day or two a week, but it will be new for some of them.

    Anyway, we’re basically just gonna stay at home most of the time, only go out when we really need to, and see what happens.

    Steven Gliebe

    We sold out of toilet paper here in Australia a couple of weeks ago.

    Toilet paper hoarding seems to be a global phenomenon now. Here in Texas, I found a pricey four pack of 100% recycled at a health food store two days ago. The man in line behind me seemed to buy most of what was left. I’m curious to see what we find when we go shopping this afternoon.

    People in many places are asked not to gather 250 or more. California just asked all restaurants to close and people 65+ to stay home. I’m concerned about how income and child care will work out for those affected by closings.

    It’s a blessing that many of us working with WordPress can work from home.

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