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    I am currently subscribed but I don’t know if I’m getting any value from it. Sure, I get some nicely curated news and access to their slack channel, but it hasn’t directly lead to any increase in business or a sense of community/connection.

    Maybe it’s me?

    Steven Gliebe

    Do you participate in the Slack community? That’s where the real value was for me. I decided not to renew because I was spending too much time there. I’m out of the loop on some things but more productive now. 😉

    I subscribe to the MasterWP newsletter. Between that and Justin’s Tavern posts on my dashboard, I feel like I’m enough-informed.


    Post Status probably has some of the best WP business-specific content in the community, and I say this as someone from a competing publication. I’m not overly active there, but I enjoy the atmosphere and some of the discussions. I am also interested in seeing where things go now that Cory Miller is on board.

    I have heard from others that the job section has been beneficial for them, but that’s not something I’ve used at personally.

    More than anything, I think we, as a community, need to continue supporting as many WordPress publications as possible. That means throwing some dollars to places like WP Mainline, Post Status, and elsewhere. They raise the awareness of the WordPress project and provide avenues for discussion outside official channels, which is good for the entire ecosystem. Definitely support the places you find value in.


    I think that the issue I have is mostly my own. I am not so great at pushing myself to interact with the WordPress community. As much as I love doing videos, recording podcasts, and whatnot, I am typically more behind the scenes, working on client work, and not so much with the connecting with people. So while I love the email newsletter, I do get a ton from other newsletters I’m subscribed to. I did get PT listed on the Covid deals page on the Post Status website, so that’s nice.

    I do agree that we need to support WP projects that matter to us, not just news but all projects that are important to us. It is easy for me to forget that the WordPress project/community/industry has kept me employed for over fifteen years now.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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