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It’s amazing how many designers end up developers. Partly a fault of WordPress, I think (and wonder how much theming with blocks will affect that).

I think it becomes a natural path in WP. For me, it was writer > designer > developer. I started a blog before I knew WP was a thing. I wanted it to look pretty, which meant learning HTML and CSS. Once I got into WP, I needed to learn more PHP to make my blog function a certain way. In the past couple of years, with the block system, I’ve had to learn more JS.

I could potentially see theming with blocks opening the door to more design-only stuff. If they keep the FSE/block-based themes system simple enough, theme authors can possibly simply be theme designers once again. We’ll see.

This is still weird to see but it’s also interesting how things fell into place for it to happen. I still think you’re one of the best at taking complex subjects and explaining them in a way where people like me can understand them. Welcome to the Mainline!

Thanks, Jeff. It’s definitely weird for me too. I didn’t imagine this would be my path, but it’ll be interesting to see where it goes. I did need a change, to mix things up a bit. I felt like I had become a bit stagnant and not as excited about my previous work as I once was.