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I’m eager to see your new edition. I’ve been spending the last couple months getting my dev skills up to speed in preparation for a new plugin for sermons. I’ve learned a lot from you over the years but the learning never ends! Been gleaning everything I can from Carl Alexander as of late.

How old are your peach and plum trees? I have a nectarine, peach and plum. Funny, the nectarine started blooming in January (!) but the peach tree is just starting now. I’m keeping them short per Grow a Little Fruit Tree. What’s your approach?

Carl has some really good stuff. I’ve learned a lot reading what he’s written.

I think our book will turn out pretty good. The biggest downside, at least to me, is that it is tough to fully explore every concept. You get 500-600 pages to dive into an extremely complex system, but there’s always more to explore. We’re somewhat limited by the formatting, but it’s a good intro for folks who want to get into the heavier development side of things or even just have handy as a reference.

The peach and plum trees are looking great. They’re both blooming and are generating plenty of bee activity. Because of my schedule over the winter, I was a bit lazy with pruning. They got a little out of hand in terms of height, but I’ll fix that next time around. This should be their 4th or 5th year (counting the initial growth before I planted). I got several fruit last year, despite a late frost killing off a lot of blooms. I’m looking forward to this year’s harvest.