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Stephen Cronin

Welcome to the forum Stephen. You mentioned in your post that you’ve been “Fighting fires” and I was wondering if you meant that literally considering what was going on there a few months ago. I remember that beer I drank with you at WC San Francisco in front of that Burger joint like it was yesterday. It’s pretty cool to have an OG WordPress users an Tavern support here on WP Mainline :). If I can figure out how to add badges to user profiles, I’m going to add an OG one.

Hey Jeff! So glad you got this going. I know you wanted to get the forums going again for so long!

Nah, not real fire fighting, though perhaps I should have been, it was pretty bad. Just firefighting things like broken products, vulnerabilities, unhappy authors and any other sort of problems that come up. Not as cool as real firefighting!

Yeah I remember that night in San Fran, it was great! And I reckon we had a beer in that place over the road from the Pressnomics venue too. Been a while since then though, need to find another opportunity. Could be a while in the current circumstances though… ?