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So glad they treat you well, but weird that they won’t let you speak at WordCamps. And I can’t believe how large the company is, though it makes sense when you start looking at all the different plates they are spinning. Do you ever feel like Envato as a corporation doesn’t “care” about WordPress. I mean, it’s only a small piece of what they do and I don’t know how much they’ve given back other than maybe some sponsorships… I dunno. I just don’t feel like they are as invested in it as they could be. I know they aren’t Godaddy size, but I’d expect Envato to be trying to integrate/control/promote the community in the same kind of ways.

As for what you do, I laughed a bit when reading it as it reminded me of Office Space. Where the guy is being interviewed and freaks out because he can’t explain why he’s needed. If you haven’t seen that movie or haven’t seen it lately, it is worth going back to.

Tax law and remote work is such an interesting issue for sure and not one that is discussed often enough in the WordPress community.

As for the name change… It’s something I’ve wanted to do for as long as I remember, but I felt like I had to stick with what I was given. It was the support of my wife that made it happen. 🙂