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Stephen Cronin

Thanks Malcolm,

Envato is a pretty great place to work, they are very understanding, progressive and supportive employer that looks after their employees, gives to charities, supports diversity etc. The main downside is that the WP Project won’t allow me to speak at or organise WordCamps… ?

Oh and also Envato is at the size now (600ish) that it has a lot of the challenges facing companies of that size: lots of different teams, a bit of bureaucracy creeping in etc. So that can be frustrating at times.

What do I do? Using today as an eg: working on the requirements for a new category we’re launching soon, providing input into a couple of policy related projects, attending a post incident review of a vulnerability in a theme, etc. Oh and trying to keep up with reading about what’s happening with block based themes etc. So it’s a variety of things. Pretty hard to explain it to people though.

We have people all over the world, but in recent years the majority of new roles have been in Melbourne. I think there are some tax law complications that makes it easier to employee people here for some reason.

BTW I just went and read up on your name change – good on you for going ahead and making the change! That’s a brave move, so well done!