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You made a strong pivot. I’m really impressed with your ability to crank out content. I kinda got burned out when it came to blogging and haven’t been able to really get back into it in any meaningful way since. I don’t think most people appreciate how difficult it is and to step in such big shoes and do so well, you must be very happy.

My wife and I worked together to co-author a book a few years back called Second Class Supers which is a take on class warfare where the rich can buy super powers. It was fun to write. I have two other novels in various stages of development, but haven’t been able to complete one on my own yet.

As for running a business, the thing I’ve learned about myself is I work better in a team. As a solo person, I flounder, lose focus and don’t hustle the same. I’m glad I found a strong co-founder in David Krug for PressTitan.