WP Mainline Episode 1 – The Start of A New Journey

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It feels great to have episode one of the WP Mainline podcast recorded and published to the masses. In this episode, I provide insight into what WP Mainline is, why I started it, and what I hope to create with it. We didn’t talk about the news per se but we did discuss the Coronavirus and the impacts it’s having on WordPress conferences. We plan to record new episodes live every Friday at 4 PM Eastern.

By the way, Google Hangouts and On-Air Hangouts have officially been retired by Google meaning the only way to live stream is to use encoding software like OBS. I don’t have the upload speed in order to stream 30FPS to a service. We ended up using Zoom for this episode but I’m curious if you know of any other options that are similar to Zoom or Google Hangouts where we can record live with an audience. Let me know in the comments.

3 thoughts on “WP Mainline Episode 1 – The Start of A New Journey”

  1. Glad you got started again publishing a weekly podcast, Jeff & JJJ.
    For the community team I did a little research and found that Google Meet is free for anyone with a G-Suite account. Also Behive.it seems to be a great live streaming with comments and live audience, pushed directly to YouTube.

  2. I know a lot of folks that do their recordings via Discord. Plus, they can offer patrons (or patreon) benefits to join the show in the chatroom. Makes call-ins easy, too. You just drag a person into the voice channel and they’re on-the-air, if that’s a thing you want to do.

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