I’m Available for Hire

Who Am I?

My name is Jeff Chandler. I am the founder of WPTavern, which became one of the most well-known sites devoted to WordPress. I sold the property in 2013. I have been involved in the WordPress community since 2007. I’ve seen a lot, written about a lot, talked about a lot, and established several relationships over the years. I am a connector. I enjoy dotting I’s and crossing T’s. Details matter to me.

I have an end-user mindset. I can be an asset working with customer support, product advocacy, updating documentation, quality assurance, connecting with people, product marketing, business relationships, community building, and social media engagement. I can accomplish more than that if provided with the proper tools to succeed.

I’m direct, blunt, and tell it like it is. I don’t like extraneous details. I’ve had four jobs in my life: the Grocery store, WPTavern, and Audrey.co. My previous job involved a WordPress Products company that lasted eight to nine months. If asked in an interview, I’ll tell you who it was.

I want to be part of a team that not only does good work for WordPress but for their customers. I want to work in a collaborative atmosphere where leveraging the experience and knowledge of teammates is encouraged. I reside in Ohio which is in the Eastern timezone. The job I’m looking for has a competitive salary, company-paid healthcare, and room for advancement. I am also interested in part-time positions that could transition into a full-time role.

I have experience using the following software and services:

  • Google Sheets/Docs/Slides/Mail
  • Monday.com
  • Asana
  • Well-versed in Slack
  • Loom
  • CleanShot/ShareX
  • Have Produced Numerous Videos and Podcast Episodes
  • Some Experience with JIRA
  • Active Campaign
  • LoopedIn

Real-World Examples of My Skillset

Here are a few examples that highlight my experience and expertise that I can provide to your business.

I am more than willing to put in the time and effort to learn and be a valuable asset to the company. I will give you 110%. I have several references who can vouch for me if requested.

If you have an employment opportunity that you think would be up my alley or would like to discuss options, please get in touch with me via the contact form or send me a direct message on Twitter.

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