A WordPress Error That Sends Me Into an Endless Loop

Today, I tried to clean up a website I maintain by deleting some plugins that are no longer needed. In trying to bulk delete these plugins, I encountered an error. I discovered which plugin was the culprit, however, the error that WordPress gives me is not helpful and puts me into an endless loop.

The error message: Deletion failed: The link you followed has expired. Please try again.

So, I do as the error suggests and I click the checkbox, click the dropdown and select delete, then click the apply button. I’m greeted with the same error.

A Non-descriptive WordPress Error That Puts Me Into an Endless Loop.

The error message is, Deletion failed: The link you followed has expired.  Please try again.
A Non-descriptive Error That Puts Me Into an Endless Loop When Attempting to Remove a plugin

The song that doesn’t end starts playing in my head as frustration builds. A quick Google search leads me to WPBeginner and a few other sites explaining this error generally has to do with uploading files that are too large. In my case, I’m trying to delete a file.

In this situation, I’m not sure what the error message should say. I’d like it to be direct and tell me a few options to try in order to figure it out but then, the error would have to be tied to a specific circumstance so the directions don’t confuse the user even more if they don’t work.

In the end, I couldn’t figure out why the error was happening so I removed the plugin from the site via SFTP. It has been so long since I’ve needed to use SFTP, I almost installed a new client, not realizing I already had one installed. If you’ve encountered this error, how did you fix it?